Isaac (mr_t00by) wrote,

Thursday, Part II.

3:41 PM EST+2

Hotel Narsaq


Okay, like I said I knew I’d calm down in like an hour, and I have. Now back to normal stuff, not more ranting.


Didn’t do too much after I was on yesterday, just hung around, read, and watched Family Guy with Dad and stuff. Tried to go to bed at like 8:00 and couldn’t sleep, so I read some more and went to bed at 10:00… Then this Danish chick who was staying in our room decides to come in and fall asleep in ten minutes when I’d been trying for a half an hour. She’s got to be the loudest female snorer I’ve ever heard. It was insane. I tried putting a pillow over my head, tried plugging my ears, tried listening to music, nothing worked. I got like four hours of sleep. Every time I got to sleep I woke up again like an hour later and couldn’t get back to sleep because of her snoring. Blah.


I tried listening to music but something is wrong with my PSP. Well yeah, the screen’s broken but I mean the music. It still worked before, I just wrote down everything I had on it and put numbers next to them so I knew how many times to skip tracks to get to them. But I started listening to AFI and it sounded like it was on fast forward. I pressed play and it wasn’t. Plus, fast forward goes like 10x speed. This sounded like 1.2x speed or something. Like a tiny bit faster than normal. I couldn’t listen to it, it sounded really weird.


Today I got up at 5:30 because I gave up on sleeping due to the snoring. Dad and I hiked the mountain behind the hostel at which we were staying and into town for breakfast. He went to go turn in some bottles and I went back to the hostel to wait for our transfer to the harbor which I thought would be at 10:30. Apparently Dad told me he was going to walk to the harbor, but I thought he was going to take the van with me so I got all worried around 10:30 and asked if the transfer was coming soon. They said there wasn’t one scheduled, but I could ask for one at the café, a half a mile down the road. So I walked down there with all my stuff for tonight and they took me at like 10:55. The boat was at 11:00. I asked them to take me to the youth hostel first to see if my dad was there and he wasn’t. I just hoped to god he was at the harbor, and luckily he was.


The boat ride wasn’t bad, like an hour and fifteen minutes. We were expecting like two to three hours. We got here around 12:15, had lunch, and you know the rest from my previous entry.


That’s about it. See you in Reykjavik tomorrow! Free internet there.

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