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Friday, July 4th, 2008, 11:56 AM EST+2

In Transit by boat from Narsaq to Narsarsuaq, Greenland


We’re on a boat between Narsaq and Narsarsuaq and I thought it’d be funny write an entry from here. A couple people on the boat are looking at me funny, wondering why the hell I have a laptop out. It’s not a big boat, but a nice little motor boat that fits 14 passengers inside.


Dad and I never talked about what happened. He came back and it was like nothing ever happened. I actually don’t think he even knew I was pissed at him. Whatever, I’m over it. Excuse my comments from before. Like I said, I knew I’d get over it quickly and that’s why I posted so soon after hah.


We went to a pizza place and ordered the “Narsaq Pizza” with lamb meat (choice of reindeer or lamb) and had a few sodas and some ice cream. After, dad’s card didn’t work to pay, and the banks were closed already. We had to promise to come back in the morning and pay them, which we did.


I went to bed around 9:00 and Dad woke me up at like 11:30 to go to a bar. Apparently there was one bar that had live music after 12 and the book we have says that there was the occasional “volley of beer bottles” but it was a really lively and fun and friendly place. We walked there, and it was actually pretty dark out. We’re about the farthest south you can get in Greenland, about 69 degrees longitude (NH is 42, Munich, Germany is 48). It was about as dark as it is in NH right after the sun isn’t visible during sunset. I could still read without a light though.


The bar didn’t take our card either, and we had no cash, so it was a wasted trip. We walked around town a little more and then back to the hostel. The whole trip was about an hour and the next morning I didn’t even remember it until like an hour after I woke up and it was all a blue because I just woke up for an hour and went to sleep.


Today we went to the “Norse ruins” here which are basically nothing. Not even any rocks, just a sign saying that Erik the Red had some houses there a thousand years ago. Then we went to the Narsaq museum which they’d opened especially for us because we couldn’t make it during their regular hours. It was pretty good; we stayed like a half hour. We then went to the harbor to catch the boat we’re on right now. It was weird, there are two guys on this boat and they saw Dad’s BI hat and were like “Oh, we’ve been to Block Island, too!” Dad was like “Yeah, I live there.” Hah they were New Yorkers.


We’ll be in Narsarsuaq around 1:00 and our flight to Reykjavik is at 3:20. We’re going to get a ride to the youth hostel in Narsarsuaq where we left our luggage, then a ride to the airport to catch our flight. We’ll probly only have like an hour to kill. Then it’s two nights in Reykjavik, then home! Tomorrow we’re taking a day trip on a bus to Geysir, Iceland, and guess what’s there? The bus makes a few other stops too. We’d planned on going to Geysir when we were driving the Ring Road but never made it. Should make a good last day.


Yay, free internet ‘in Reykjavik, so see you there!


7:08 PM EST+4

Salvation Army Guesthouse, Room 316


We’ve arrived safely in Reykjavik after a long day, despite the face that this day is only 22 hours for us. Hah we’re in the exact same room as we were in two weeks ago. Going up eight flights of stairs with these 60-pound bags was a blast.


After the boat ride, we got a ride to the hostel to grab our luggage and there was still enough time before our 3:20 flight to take a shower. The plane was delayed an hour after we went through security and all that. I bought a liter of Jäger for about $28. Hah outside the airport gates that would be over $100. Hooray for Duty-Free!


We got into Reykjavik at about 8:30 local time, two hours ahead of Greenland and four ahead of the east coast. I was pissed, I saw a liter of Jäger at the Reykjavik Duty-Free shop for $10 less than I’d paid in Narsarsuaq. Lame. Oh well.


So, not much else to write. Our tour to Geysir leaves at 1:00 tomorrow and we can do whatever the hell we want until then. It gets back at around 7:00, then we have our last night here in Iceland, then it’s on to Boston! Whee!

See you all soon!

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