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Sunday, June 6th, 2008, 12:08 AM EST+4

Salvation Army Guesthouse (Reykjavik, Iceland)


Haha I MacGyvered a way to make my computer work. There was a little extension piece to Dad’s adapter that made it work in Iceland. In Greenland they have the same outlets and you don’t need the extender there but in Iceland the outlets are like an inch into the wall for some reason, so the prongs didn’t reach and I needed a little extension, which I lost. Hah but my adapter, which was broken, served as an extension. It didn’t matter that mine was broken because I didn’t need to convert voltage, just the shape. So I stuxck dad’s into mine and made a beast if a converter which works J. Sweet, because we’ll be in Keflavik Airport for like two hours and there’s free internet there.


The tour yesterday was good for the most part. We went to a place called Geysir, which I think is where the word comes from. There are like four geysers there. The biggest one, Geysir, erupts once or twice every week. I figured out our odds. Being there for a half an hour and assuming it goes off twice every week, we had a 1 in 196 chance of seeing it go off. We didn’t. However, there was a smaller one that went off once every three to five minutes. I saw that one erupt three times. It goes about 90 feet into the air. I had someone get a video of it going off then drenching me in water, it was fun. Had me a nice Geysir shower.


We also went to some huge crater for about five minutes, and Skullfoss, one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland. It was beautiful. I got so many pictures. There was a restaurant there and we had some coffee and stuff and I got some souvenirs.


Our last stop was a horticulture greenhouse that grew like half the bananas for Iceland. There were lots of other plants and trees and stuff inside of it. The cool ting about the town was everything was run off of geothermal energy from the 200-degree (Celsius) water under the ground. Heat, electricity, hot water, everything.


The bad part about this stop was that our bus didn’t start when we tried to leave. Well, it started, but it seemed like the clutch was broken because it revved but didn’t move. It smelled similar to Pierce’s pickup truck when I was learning to drive a standard on it: burning clutch. We had to wait about an hour for another bus to show up and take us back. We got back at about 8:00.


My plan had been to go out to bars and stuff since it was the last night here, and I still had that liter of Jäger, but I was way too tired and I felt like I was getting sicl. My throat had been hurting all day and I had gotten like five hours of sleep the three previous nights. And alcohol weakens your immune system, so I opted to just go to sleep at 9:00.


I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep because I was too exited about going home today, so I took some extra-drowsy allergy stuff Dad had to put me out… I still didn’t sleep for at least two hours. I finally got to sleep but woke up at 12:30 and my throat was killing me. It hurt to even think about swallowing. I went down and made some tae and that soothed it a bit. Enough to get me to seep anyway.


Dad, being Dad, got up like four times in the night to go to the bathroom, and it woke me up every time. Then he got up at 6:30 and left, coming in and out of the room at least six times over the next few hours. I finally got up at 9:15. I’d say in that twelve-hour period I got maybe six or seven hours of sleep. But I feel a lot better, though my throat still hurts. My nose is stuffing up a bit too. Blah, I don’t wanna be sick. Hooray for Nyquil right when I get home! And Dayquil right when I wake up!


I got an oven pizza and a muffin from the grocery store, and then walked around the city a little bit. I ran into Dad around 11:00 and he told be checkout time was at 12:00. We went up and packed and brought our stuff downstairs. It’s 12:22 now, and our bus to the airport gets here at 1:30, so we have an hour to kill. I’ll go online and post this probly, then we’re off to the airport. I don’t think there’s supposed to be free internet at the airport but last time I was there I asked someone who worked there about it and she just entered a code for me and it worked. Let’s hope she’s there again.


I’m so excited; I’ll be home in ten hours! Well, in Boston in ten hours, home in maye eleven or twelve. W00t!


See you tonight, America!

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