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My mother and I are on a trip to Canada, the central purpose of which is to see Hamlet in Stratford, but we're doing other stuff too. Here's what we've been up to so far:

Saturday, July 26th, 2008, 10:35 AM EST

ACBB Hostel, London, Ontario


The drive up here sucked. First of all, I’d stayed at Rose’s the night before because I forgot my computer at Lydia’s and had to go get it and Mom wanted me home by 8:30 AM so we could leave and get here around 8… First of all, we got held up trying to get my mom’s prescription at CVS. We weren’t on the road until 11:30. The GPS said we’d be at the place we were dropping Sandra off (Mom’s friend, used to be my Handwork (Textiles) teacher) at 7:30 or something. There was crazy traffic on 495 because of a fatal hydroplaning accident, and it was raining like crazy. It took us about an hour to go maybe ten miles.


It kept raining and raining, going on and off and ridiculously heavy sometimes, and my windshield wipers kept falling off so I’d have to pull over and put them back on.


I felt fine until I’d driven like 200 miles, but then my tailbone started to hurt like hell. It’s been hurting for the past three weeks and I have no idea why, and I shoulda gone to a doctor about it before. Mom thinks it might be Lyme Disease given the unexplained pain and the symptoms I felt later. I sat on a pillow for awhile and that helped but eventually I let mom drive. But that wasn’t before I missed an exit, taking us 20 miles out of our way. I was tempted to take one of the emergency turn-arounds that say “NO U-TURN all over them”, but a cop drove by me right after that and flashed me and I think he mighta seen me trying, idk… But then I missed another exit and it was going to be another 20 miles out of the way, so I did take one of those U-Turns and nothing bad happened.


I started getting really sick. My head felt really funny, my tailbone hurt like a bitch, I was dizzy, my throat hurt, blah. I took some Motrin and that helped my tailbone, and I drank a shitload of water and that helped my head a little. We made it to dropping Sandra off in Niagara Falls at 9:40, like two hours later than we’d expected to, and about five hours later than we’d wanted to. We’d told the hostel we’d be in at 8:00, but we called and said we’d be after 11:00. We got here at 1:15 AM. The lady who owns the place was still up, probably waiting for us, and she showed us around. I was exhausted and hit the hay like Patrick O’Malley hit his wife.


Next day I woke up at like 11:00, like ten hours of sleep which was good. Mom and I walked around London, going to a bar and a mall and stuff like that. Alexander Keith’s is a good beer 8-)


I went to a comedy club called Yuk Yuk’s down the street and it was pretty good. I almost left before the last act because it wasn’t that great, but the guy at the door told me the last guy was hilarious, which he was. I went to a bar for a little bit afterwards, walked back, went online for a bit, then went to bed. It was hot as hell; it took me forever to get to sleep.


Got up around 10:00 and took a shower. We’d asked the lady who owns this place what there is to do around here and she said there was a “Beer tour” down the street that’s $5 and they give you a beer, a T-Shirt, and a tour of the brewery and tell you how it’s made and stuff. Should be fun, though I really don’t want any beer. I just woke up. Meh, 5:00 someone I suppose.


Okay well, I’ll check in later. Love you all!



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