Isaac (mr_t00by) wrote,

Still Alive!

So yeah, I haven't been LJing much lately, and that makes me kinda sad. I really should have while I was in Canada, but I really just didn't want to spend too much time on the internet while I was there.

I had such a great time in Canada! I don't have much time to write about it now but I'm gunna post all about it tomorrow. Right now I'm in Wilton, NH at Rose's house one last time. It was crazy, I went to Lydia's house like 2 days before Canada, went to Canada for a week, then stayed at Rose's, Lydia's, and her friend Ross's house I think for the next few days, then was planning on staying at Rose's house ONE night on Wednesday but decided to stay one more, then my car broke down right outside Rose's house last Friday. I was then planning on leaving Monday when it was done, but ended up giving in and staying until now. I stayed a few nights at her house in Rindge, one here in Wilton, and one in Lempster at Ross's. It's been a crazy and enlightening week.

I really need to write more about my life lately. It's changed so much, and almost completely for the better. I feel like every time I think for more than five minutes I get a crazy epiphany about life itself, and what I want to do with the limited amount of time I have on this earth.

So yeah, I'll write more about all that and all my crazy adventures tomorrow. Right now I'm just gunna curl up with Rose and watch Angel until we fall asleep.

Good night, t00bz!

-This guy
Tags: stfu
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