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Herro all!

Saturday, April 22nd, 2011, 2:22 PM CST


I last posted at the beginning od my trip to Amsterdam, and now I am packed up and waiting to leave for the airport to head back to Munich, then to Regensburg. So let’s see…

I mostly spent my first night roaming around the area that the Bulldog Hotel is in. The Bulldog is a pretty big company, with three stores, two coffee shops and a hostel across a few hundred meters of one street. The street is one of the most famous streets in Amsterdam, because it is right in the middle of the Red Light District… needless to say I did my share of wandering around that area that night, but don’t worry. I did not make any purchases =P

I ate some Shawarms, then went to bed around 1. I couldn’t really sleep, but was happy that my room was pretty quiet and everyone was already sleeping. Then, at 2:00, like 5 people busted in, turned the lights on, took showers, and made noise. I didn’t sleep til 3:30…

Woke up for breakfast at 8:30, not very refreshed form 5 hours of sleep and no sleep the night before, plus all the traveling. I had a pretty relaxing day though, after having to check out of the Bulldog and finally settling in the Hans Brinker Hotel. It was kinda shitty lugging my suitcase and backpack a mile and a half to this place, but once I got here I was relieved that it was almost as nice as the Bulldog, even though the reviews of it online are terrible.

I had the room to myself at first, so I took the time to reorganize my stuff, then went out to Vandelpark. Vandelpark is one of the most famous parks in the world apparently. I saw a plaque that explained that 9 out of 10 residents of Holland visit it at least once a year, and the park gets approximately 10 million visitors per year. It’s about four times the size of the Boston Common, and is in an English garden style. It was GORGEOUS, I couldn’t believe it. I ended up staying there for about five hours, just walking around, lying in the son, reading, climbing trees, etc. It was a very magical day. If you’d like to see pictures, they’re on my Facebook:

Didn’t really do much of the night life here. I was really tired after being in the sun all day, and lay down around 8 to take a nap by a canal. Woke up to someone asking me if I was alive, because it had gotten dark, then headed back to the hostel. Walked around a little more later, then headed back and went to sleep… the same thing happened again. People checked in at like 3 AM and came in and took showers and unpacked… Then they woke up at 8, so I got another maybe four or five hours of sleep.

So you can imagine that I was pretty tired yesterday, all that walking, traveling, and ten hours of sleep in three days. Anyway, I ended up walking to Oosterpark on the other side of the city, which was very sub-par compared to Vandelpark but still very nice. On my way back, I was staring blindly at a map, trying to find my way, when I whacked my head real good on a sign. It didn’t hurt that bad, but when I ran my hand through my hair a little bit later and it was bleeding, I got a little worried. It started to hurt and I felt kinda funny, so I went back to the Bulldog, got some ice and advil, and sat there for like an hour while I got my wits back. It ended up fading by the end of the day, but I was kinda out of it all day.

Did some more sight-seeing at night, then came back here. It was then that I dropped my big laptop about 6 inches when putting it down, and now it doesn’t start up. I get a blank screen at startup. Luckily my mini works, which is what I’m using now. I’m pretty sure the hard drive is what the problem is, and so I took both my computers apart to try and switch the hard drives, but I couldn’t get the chassis off so I’ll have to do it later when I have better tools. But yeah, really sucks, I have to live with this one, which is very temperamental and has a 10 inch screen, until whenever I get my other one fixed…

I walked a little bit around Vandelpark today, then tried to go to the Vagough Museum, but there was an hour long line, so I came back here and packed up. Now I’m here with my luggage, waiting to take the train to the airport in about a half hour. I’m kind of excited to get back!

I think I have confused the crap out of TSA and some airline companies… Apparently I bought a round-trip ticket from Amsterdam because it was cheaper that way, which I forgot about, so I have a ticket back here on May 7th. So this is what my travels have been according to them:

Flew to Germany Jan 19 with a return ticket in August
Flew back to Boston with a return ticket, took the return flight but got off at the connecting flight in Amsterdam. So, I’m in Amsterdam but the system says I had a ticket back to Munich.
Now I am taking a flight from Amsterdam, even though I am supposed to already be in Munich, and I have a return flight I won’t be taking on May 7th… I really hope this isn’t going to be a problem. Anyone know about this kind of stuff?

Okay, anyway, I will stop ranting. Will be back soon!
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